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Alekshop BMW M4 Arrived

Posted on July 24, 2014 by Aleks D

Alekshop BMW M4

It is very exciting to take a delivery of our new BMW M4!

It’s here! We finally took a delivery of the car that we have been following from the day one since BMW AG announced 2015 BMW M4 model. We knew it will be something new, different and unique and it sure is!

The new BMW M4 is a car that you would love to have! From the box it delivers tons of power and torque, something that M models in the past were missing. The new Carbon Ceramic Brakes are just massive! I can’t even describe the size of these calipers and rotors! This is something that should play a big role at the track and enhance the braking performance right of the bat. Adaptive suspension, electronic steering, overwhelming acceleration it all makes this car a lot of fun to drive! But … There is a big disappointment that you can’t simply ignore – exhaust system doesn’t sound anything like M-car. And this is something we are going to change right away and replace with Akrapovic Evolution system, Akrapovic Downpipes and to add more aggressive look we will finish it of with Akrapovic Carbon Fiber diffuser. Yes you can say we like Akrapovic products!!!

Enough words time to post some pictures!