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Akrapovic BMW M4 Slip On Exhaust System

Slip-On Titanium exhaust system for BMW M4 F82

The latest addition to the BMW M-series is the awe-inspiring M3 / M4 , an exquisite high-performance car that can be made even better by adding an Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system. Made from titanium with some cast parts in Akrapovic’s own foundry. It comes with a larger pipes than the stock exhaust, yielding lower back pressure and more power, especially at lower RPMs. This system is a completely new design, and will make a significant difference in reducing the weight compare to the stock exhaust system and will deliver extra power and a sporty sound, which has been tailored to highlight lower frequencies and increase the listening enjoyment. Increases in both power and torque add to the sensory experience, combined with improved agility. The look of the Slip-On system can also be further enhanced by adding titanium or carbon tailpipes and the stunning carbon fiber rear diffuser.

Product Details:

  • Power Gains – + 7.3hp at 4400 rpm
  • Torque Gains – + 12.8lb-ft at 2350 rpm


Cars equipped with Akrapovic exhaust systems benefit from additional performance and increased responsiveness. Significant gains in power and torque are achieved throughout the entire rpm range. All Akrapovic exhaust system measurements are made on Akrapovic“s computer-controlled flow-benches.

Akrapovic BMW M4 Slip On Exhaust System

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