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Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system for Porsche 911 GT3/RS (997 FL)

This Evolution System for 911 GT3/RS (997 FL) is a MUST for any real Porsche enthusiast.

The Akrapovic Evolution aftermarket exhaust system is based on the same layout as the original exhaust system of the GT3 with valve control. A newly developed exhaust manifold with 100 cpsi sports catalysts guarantees an increase in power and torque, as do the newly developed and optimized pre mufflers. But the real plus of this exhaust system is the weight reduction of 17 kg*, while it maintains the original layout and functionality of the exhaust caps.

The weight distribution of the vehicle is improved considerably, because of that weight reduction in the area behind the engine and the rear axle, which has a positive effect on the handling. The limit range of the vehicle adjusts upwards and so a higher transverse acceleration is possible. The combination of improved power to weight ratio (through an increased efficiency of 12 HP*), torque progression by 14 Nm*, and the positive effects in connection with driving dynamics enhance the performance of the GT3 distinctively. The sound impression in this configuration is somewhat more voluminous and with opened caps way more aggressive than in the original version.

Evolution system:

  • Titanium sports manifold system with integrated 100 cpsi catalysts
  • Titanium pre mufflers
  • Titanium link pipes with exhaust valves
  • Titanium end muffler
  • Titanium tail pipes

Hard facts:

  • Plus 12 HP (at 5.510 rpm)
  • Plus 14 Nm (at 5.740 rpm)
  • Minus 17 kg


  • Rear Carbon Fiber diffuser
Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system for Porsche 911 GT3/RS (997 FL)

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Optional parts are available per customer request

Warning! Increased Emissions

This product may not be legal for street use in your area. It may not pass emissions testing and/or may cause a check engine light to go off in your vehicle.