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Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system for the BMW X5 M (E70)

Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system for the BMW X5 M with 4.4 liter, 555 horsepower SUV.

Another great product form Akrapovic! Akrapovic is proud to announce another exhaust system that unleashes the typical V8 roar and introduces enhancements to the exhaust design not found in the stock system.

One of the most important changes is the incorporation of an X-pipe in the system. The inclusion of an X-pipe increases low to mid-range power while at the same time producing a deeper exhaust note that the original system lacks. Additionally, a pair of resonators are added to eliminate any chance of in-cabin droning. The mounting flanges are made of cast titanium from our in-house foundry and ensure a perfect, leak-free fit.

Two exhaust tail pipe options are available; both are 100 mm in diameter. The first is made completely from titanium while the other is crafted from a carbon fiber/titanium composite. The carbon fiber version was developed on the MotoGP Safety Car, which is driven at sustained high speed, to guarantee uncompromised durability.

Performance has not been left out of the design. The system dramatically reduces backpressure and is an excellent starting point for further engine tuning or turbo modifications. Even when installed on an otherwise stock vehicle a gain of 11 horsepower and 15 Nm/11 lbs-ft of torque are achieved. Furthermore, a weight reduction of 23 kg/51 lbs. is realized. The OEM catalysts are retained, so no reflashing of the ECU is required and the check engine light will not be triggered.

Evolution system :

  • Titanium link pipe set with resonators
  • Titanium X-pipe
  • Titanium muffler with integrated exhaust valves

Hard facts:

  • Plus 11 HP (at 6,200 rpm)
  • Plus 15 Nm/11 lbs-ft of torque (at 2,270 rpm)
  • Minus 23 kg/51 lbs. lighter than stock

Tail pipes options:

  • 4 Titanium tail pipes
  • 4 Carbon Fiber tail pipes
Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system for the BMW X5 M (E70)

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