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Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System GT-R

Make it Faster, Make it Lighter - Akrapovic Evolution Titanium System for GT-R .

Despite the substantial weight of the car, we must remember that we are talking about a sports car. Namely, Nissan GT-R was one of the fastest street legal cars on famous track Nordschleife. Akrapovic is confident that the GT-R will be even faster at Green Hell with its newly developed Akrapovič aftermarket Evolution exhaust system, because they made it considerably more powerful as well as lighter.

Hiding behind the aggressive titanium or carbon fiber end pipes, is a story of hard work carried out by Akrapovič engineers, who were able to find an additional 17 HP (at 6.260 rpm) and 56 Nm (at 2.600 rpm).

With the Evolution exhaust system, the GT-R improved the elasticity and responsiveness of its powerful engine in the entire rpm range, which is the best way to improve on-road performance. The Evolution is especially effective between 2.000 and 3.500 rpm, which makes daily driving even more fun.

Additionally, Evolution offers great advantages with regard to weight. The stock exhaust system is 17 kilograms heavier, while Akrapovič’s fully titanium made system weighs only 14,3 kilograms. Thus, its power to weight ratio is unbeatable.

Evolution complete system:

  • Titanium front link pipes with resonators
  • Titanium rear link pipe
  • Titanium end mufflers
  • 4 Titanium or carbon fiber tail pipes

Hard facts:

  • Plus 17 HP (at 6.260 rpm)
  • Plus 56 Nm (at 2.600 rpm)
  • Minus 17 kg
Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System GT-R

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This systems is available with Titanium or Carbon Fiber tips.

Warning! Increased Emissions

This product may not be legal for street use in your area. It may not pass emissions testing and/or may cause a check engine light to go off in your vehicle.