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Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System M6

Akrapovic engineers developed a complete aftermarket exhaust system for the M6 !

The stock torque curve of the M6 V-10-cylinder has a dent in the area of 5.000 rpm. Akrapovič exhaust has the cure as the maximum torque increase of 17 Nm (at 5.970 rpm) is exactly within that area. The connection tubes of the Evolution System are newly designed in order to optimize the exhaust flow by offering a bigger tube diameter, interference crossover tubes to improve the vibration characteristics of the exhaust, and the discard of the second set of catalysts.

The increase of power by 14 HP nearly homogeneously tunes in at around 4.000 rpm. This can be felt considerably and the 1.800 kg heavy vehicle appears more dynamic. The deconvolution of sound played a key role in the development of the exhaust system. Akrapovic was able to change the sound characteristics of the high speed concept engine, based on the V-10-cylinder F1 motor, so that the advantages of the race ‘genes’ manifest considerably without appearing invasive in daily use.

Evolution complete system:

  • Titanium crossover tubes
  • Titanium end mufflers
  • 4 Titanium tail pipes

Hard facts:

  • Plus 14 HP (at 6.360 rpm)
  • Plus 17 Nm (at 5.970 rpm)
  • Minus 26 kg
Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System M6

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Warning! Increased Emissions

This product may not be legal for street use in your area. It may not pass emissions testing and/or may cause a check engine light to go off in your vehicle.