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Endless MX72 Front Brake Pads GT-R R35

Endless Street & Track MX72 Front Brake Pads for Nissan GT-R R35

The MX72 is the ultimate street ceramic-carbon-metallic compound developed for extreme speeds and power. MX72 is our latest development with lots of technology and effort in it to cope the demands of a extreme street compound. It is suited for use in a power brake system with or without ABS and EPS. The MX72 is a high heat resistance compound which can also be used for circuit racing, like a sports car club race day. There is no need to change pads for such an event. The initial bite and response is excellent even at very high speed like 250- 300 km/h and so also the pedal feel and brake balance. MX72 compound is not agressive towards the discs.

Product Details:

  • Ceramic-Carbon-Metallic Compound
  • High Heat Resistance Compound
  • Excellent for Street and light Track usage
  • Low Dust Levels
  • Decreased Rotor Wear
Endless MX72 Front Brake Pads GT-R R35

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