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ETS BMW 1M Intercooler Kit

Front mounted intercooler kit for BMW 1M - Direct Fit

To achieve greater power gains and reduce the intake air tepms, upgrading to the larger capacity front mounted intercooler is the very important element. ETS intercoolers with the larger than stock core will provide more efficient heat exchange, reduce the cool down time, and will improve the air flow by replacing restrictive stock piping. The integrated tabs will provide the support for radiator fan shroud. ETS intercoolers are Direct Fit and doesn't require any type of cutting, trimming or any other type of modification to your vehicle.

The ETS intercooler Kit Features

  • Direct fit with absolutely no cutting
  • Replaces Restrictive Stock Piping
  • Max HP Gains of 21.05hp
  • Over 60deg Lower Temps
  • No Heat Soak after a Pull
  • Reduces Knock
  • Durable Stainless Steel Piping
  • Ply Silicone Couplers
  • Breeze Premium T-Bolt Clamps

Intercooler kit includes:

  • Direct Fit Intercooler
  • Charge Pipe
  • Couplers
  • Clamps
ETS BMW 1M Intercooler Kit

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Optional Black anodized finish is available at additional charge per customer request.


Intercooler FMIC ETS Turbo Performance BMW 1M 335i 135i