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KW Sleeve Kit Nissan GT-R R35

KW H.A.S. (Height Adjustable Spring System) Sleeve Kit for Nissan GT-R Skyline R35

The KW sleeve kit is designed to work with the factory GT-R struts and perches. The new springs give a much firmer ride and lower the car enough to improve the balance. Like all KW Suspension parts, the sleeve coilover kit is very high quality and comes with all needed parts to complete the installation. Most of the time, a kit of this type would create noisy squeaks and pops that can be irritating. The KW design eliminates this with proper spring rates and utilization of factory rubber mounts. By installing KW sleeve kit, you will be able to properly set the ride height and corner-weight balancing for optimum performance.

Product Info:

Spring Rates:

  • Front 800lb / 363kg
  • Rear 460lb / 209kg
KW Sleeve Kit Nissan GT-R R35

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KW V3 Nissan GT-R GTR R35 H.A.S. GT-R Skyline R35 Suspension