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BMW Combox Retrofit Service

We are excited to announce that the Combox retrofit and BMW ConnectedDrive features are now available for most BMW models with the new iDrive (CIC) systems.

As many of us know, BMW made an announcement earlier this year that all new vehicles from March 2011 will come with the new feature called ConnectedDrive .

We are proud to announce that we finished the retrofit of the Combox, which gave us the ability to enable ConnectedDrive and the new BMW App (6NR) feature! The BMW App is free and can be downloaded to your phone from the App Store.

These are the features that will be available with the Combox retrofit and ConnectedDrive (6NR) :

  • Web Browser
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Album Art Covers
  • BMW Apps (Facebook, Twitter, Web Radio, Pandora)
  • BMW Plugin
  • Video Playback


This service can not be done remotely. The car has to be at our location in order to retrofit this kit. Please note that installation of the combox will deactivate BMW Assist.


BMW Combox Retrofit Service

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