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BMW iDrive Navigation Retrofit (CIC)

As many of you know, BMW upgraded iDrive system to the newer version that gives you more option compare to the very first iDrive system that was released in 2004.

We offer a solution to upgrade your old iDrive system called CCC to the new iDrive system called CIC. The New CIC iDrive system is much faster and offers the High Definition display, Navigation system with the Hard Drive, updated iDrive controller with shortcuts, ability to play DVDs when you car is parked, and many other options.

As an option, you can also replace the center console trim piece to fit the new iDrive controller.

These are the features that will be available with the updated iDrive CIC System:

  • DVD Playback*
  • iDrive Controller with shortcuts
  • High Definition Display
  • Hard Drive based Navigation System
  • 3-Dimentional Maps View
  • Ability to retrofit Combox


Please contact us to inquire more information about this service.

*DVD playback is enabled when vehicle is parked. Unlocking DVD-in-Motion is possible per customer request.


BMW iDrive Navigation Retrofit (CIC)

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