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Custom Radar Installation Service

At Alekshop we provide a completely custom solution for Valentine 1 and Escort 9500 installs. To keep the interior of your car look clean, we install Valentine 1 or Escort radar systems inside the rear view mirror to make it look stealth and invisible when the car it turned off.

We pioneered the use of a custom Transflective Mirror Cell for radar displays, which is what allows us to achieve the unique “vanishing display” appearance in our mirrors. We strive to preserve the auto dimming function whenever possible, however the technology for this feature varies among manufacturers and auto dimming will no longer function in some applications. In cases where auto dimming is lost we use a custom fabricated replacement glass that is slightly less reflective than a traditional mirror in order to minimize any glare.

Valentine 1 Radar features:

  • Custom Radar Mirror Display
  • Integrated Mute Button
  • Custom Installation of the radar detector inside the headrest
  • Custom Valentine 1 Enclosures

What is needed for Valentine 1 System installation:

  • Valentine 1 Radar Detector
  • Valentine 1 Concealed Display
  • Valentine 1 Audio Adapter
  • Customer provides mirror, headrest or any other required parts

Escort 9500 features:

  • Custom Radar Mirror Display
  • Red or Blue display colors

What is needed for Escort 9500 System installation:

  • Escort 9500 system – can be purchased from us
  • Customer provides mirror, headrest or any other required parts


Custom Radar Installation Service

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