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Wheel&Tire Mounting/Balancing & Custom Finish

We offer Wheel and Tire Mounting and Balancing services. Wheels, tires and TPMS sensors can be purchased directly from us. For your convenience, we will mount, balance and install the wheels on your vehicle. We can also ship mounted and balanced wheels and tires to your preferred address if you are not local.

We also provide Powder-Coating service for wheels. Custom wheel finishing is something that we like to offer to our customers to make sure you are not limited to standard colors and have the ability to get exactly what you like.

  • Tire Mounting is done using the Hunter tire changer machine to ensure your wheels won’t get damaged.
  • Balancing is done on Hunter Road Force balancer to solve vibration problems, identify flat spots on the tires and identify vehicle pulls.
  • Powder-Coating is done by a shop with 20+ years of experience to ensure high quality results.


Wheel&Tire Mounting/Balancing & Custom Finish

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