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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the parts BMW factory parts?
Yes, all parts that come with the kit are BMW OEM parts.
Do I need to code my car after the LCI tail lights installation?
The coding of the car is required after the installation of the LCI tail lights.
Do I need to replace footwell module (FRM)?
The replacement of the Footwell module is not required if your vehicle is being coded with Autologic tool.
Does the Rear View camera turn ON automatically when I put in Reverse Gear?
Rear View camera will automatically turn ON when the vehicle is in Reverse Gear. The Guide Lines will appear automatically at the same time.
Does the Video module need to be programmed?
All of the Video modules come pre-programmed. Vehicles with a Manual Transmission will require some changes to the settings. Each kit comes with a mini keyboard (for 2006-2008 models) that can be connected to the Video module in order to make the necessary changes. Please contact us so we can guide you through this process.
How can I get back to the factory menu?
To get back to the factory menu, press the MENU button briefly and it will take you back.
How can I switch between the Video sources?
On 2006 - 2011 cars you can switch between the Video sources by pressing and holding the MENU button for 3 seconds. It can also be done by holding the "Arrow Down" button on the steering wheel for 3 seconds.
How many devices can be connected to the Video module?
The Video module has 2 AV Inputs, 2 Video Outputs, and 1 Audio Output. Only 2 devices can be connected to the AV Inputs. However, a Video switcher module (not included with the kit) can be added to split the video signal. That will give you the ability to add extra devices.
Why do I need AV AUX cable?
AV AUX cable is required in order to play videos on your iDrive screen. It needs to be connected to the Video Module AV/OUT port and the other 3.5mm connector needs to be connected to the vehicle's AUX port. This allows you to stream audio signal via the OEM Audio system.
Why do I need AV Composite cable?
AV Composite cable is required in order to play videos on your iDrive screen. If you are using an iPhone or iPod and as a video source, we only recommend using either Apple AV Composite cable or GriffinAV Composite cable. Only these two cables will work with the latest iPhone/iPod firmware.
Why do I need AV Y-Cable?
AV Y-cable is required if you would like to enable the Rear View camera while driving forward. It allows you to split the signal coming from the Rear View camera..
Will my Phone receive calls while I am in AV mode?
The Bluetooth connection with your phone will not be interrupted. You will be able to receive Phone Calls while in AV mode. You can also make Phone Calls while in AV mode.
Will the Navigation Guidance continue if I switch to AV Video mode?
The Navigation Guidance will continue to work if you switch to one of the AV modes. You will continue receiving the Voice Guidance and can switch back to your Navigation screen at any time.