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992 GT3 Aero Package VENTUS 2

992 GT3 Aero Package VENTUS 2

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The VENTUS 2 package for the 992 GT3 is a more aero aggressive setup, featuring a larger rear wing element and a larger splitter in the front along with a series of components to shape the airflow.

The Verus UCW wing element was CFD developed and wind tunnel refined to generate a significant amount of downforce while keeping drag minimal. The wing mounts to the OEM wing mounts and is produced from 2x2 twill pre-preg carbon fiber. 

The Splitter System is a direct, bolt on fitment for this platform. It is designed to balance out the upgraded UCW rear wing and develops significant front end downforce. It's made from a highly durable, impact resistant carbon poly weave material to maintain rigidity and aero effectiveness with maximum durability.

The dive planes are developed to guide airflow to improve efficiency by generating vortices to help evacuate air from fender wells, thus reducing lift on the body. 

The gurneys augment airflow to increase flowrate through the ducting which makes for a slight bump in front downforce, shifting balance forward, and increase in flowrate through the radiator, aiding in cooling.

Adding the Anti-Buffeting elements helps keep sound levels at bay when driving with windows down.

  • The Ventus kits are designed to decrease lap times utilizing well developed and functional aerodynamic components.

  • The products feature an OEM like fit and finish with zero permanent modifications to the vehicles.

  • The R&D was done using cutting edge technology in CFD, wind tunnel testing, track testing with a professional driver, and proven designs from past work.

  • Individual components can be installed without the full package, though to ensure a safe balance, we recommend the packages.

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