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Porsche 718 GT4RS / Spyder RS SOUL Resonated Over Axle Pipes

Porsche 718 GT4RS / Spyder RS SOUL Resonated Over Axle Pipes

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By eliminating the redundant empty particulate filter chambers, our Over Axle Pipes deliver immediate improvement in sound and performance. Our solution maintains full 3-inch diameter from flange to flange by using oval tubing to fit within the clearances of the car’s suspension and body. This is a unique and, we feel, necessary development to maximize the performance of the GT3-derived engine. Adding a Resonator reins in the volume a bit from our Competition option, and smooths out the aggressive tone.

Streamlining our Resonated Over Axle Pipe design also removes the significant heat soak that the factory units contained, but additional thermal solutions remain available.

Product Details:

  • Fits 718 GT4 RS / Spyder RS with factory or upgraded headers or rear exhaust
  • Weighs 8.25 lbs / 3.74 kg less than factory OAPs (16.75 lbs vs 25 lbs factory)
  • Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use
  • Designed and built in-house at our Willow Grove, PA facility

NOTE: Due to the increased power output and additional heat generated as a result of the GT3-derived engine in 718 RS models, we strongly recommend opting for a thermal management solution to Over Axle Pipe products to protect nearby components and body parts. We offer a durable Jet-Hot ceramic coating option or can recommend simple and effective exhaust wrapping solutions via DEI.

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