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Schroth Enduro 2x2 6 Point Harness Porsche Fitment

Schroth Enduro 2x2 6 Point Harness Porsche Fitment

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Success in endurance racing depends on durability, quality and speed. The Enduro-Belt is packed with features which will reduce your driver change times!

Porsche belts are designed specifically for street cars with Porsche’s factory One Piece Carbon Buckets. What makes Porsche belts different? The lap belts use specific sewn-in brackets that fit perfectly on the factory mount on the Porsche carbon buckets. A standard belt would require additional fabrication and a spacer to make them work with the factory seats. These are a bolt-in replacement which is much easier.

The Enduro 2x2 features Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) specific 2” Enduro shoulder belts, 2" Enduro Lap Belts with sewn in GT3 hardware, and a T-bar adjustable sub strap.

Schroth’s top-of-the-line racing harness uses the widely praised "ZIP Adjuster”. Integrated into the lap belt buckle attachments, “ZIP Adjusters” optimize the position of the adjusters for perfect tightening. The design of the "ZIP Adjusters" allows for exceptional ease of adjustment (tightening) and release for faster and smoother driver changes.

The recently updated Enduro 2x2 Cam Lock now features Latch Guides, making low light driver changes even easier! 

This version uses a 2” shoulder belt.


  • Shoulders: Pull Down 2"
  • Laps: Pull Down 2"
  • Subs: Pull Up 2"

End Fittings

  • Shoulder: LV10 with B14 Snap-in Bracket Wrapped-in
  • Lap: Sewn-in B43A (GT3 Specific Hardware)
  • Subs: LV10 with B14 Snap-in Bracket Wrapped-in

Included Hardware

  • (6) SG23 7/16" Eyebolts
  • (2) SG39 7/16" Backing Plates
  • (12) S3 7/16" Wavy Washer


  • FIA 8853-2016
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