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Surface Transforms

Surface Transforms Carbon Ceramic Discs for Porsche 992 GT3 / GT3RS / Touring / 992 ST

Surface Transforms Carbon Ceramic Discs for Porsche 992 GT3 / GT3RS / Touring / 992 ST

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Surface Transforms offers Carbon Ceramic Brakes as an upgrade of OEM Carbon Ceramic Brakes on your car improving performance and longevity or if are simply looking to upgrade your steel brakes to Carbon Ceramic they have a solution for you as well.

ST technology uses superior continuous fiber material compared to the chopped fiber you see in most OEM applications. Continuous fiber results in higher strength and higher thermal conductivity and also allows these discs to be refurbished up to 3 times over the life of the rotor! You no longer have to worry about your rotors "chunking out" as they wear as chopped fiber rotors do.

ST vs Traditional Carbon-Ceramic Rotors

  • Approximately 50% less expensive than OEM CCB rotor replacements
  • Able to be refurbished up to 3 times (see below for details)
  • Average expected track life is 4000 to 5000 miles between refurbishments*
  • Street life should exceed the life of the car*
  • Available for both existing CCB and cast iron fitments without replacing calipers
  • Better braking performance
  • Significant improvement in brake modulation - better trail braking
  • Option to run a much more aggressive pad for track applications
  • Working with more brake pad manufacturers to offer different compounds
  • Operating temperatures approximately 200 degrees lower than traditional CCBs

ST vs Iron Rotors

  • Up to 70% weight savings compared to iron brakes - typically 40lbs of unsprung weight
  • Improved handling and drivability
  • Improved NVH (less noise, vibration, and harshness)
  • Improved performance in both wet and dry conditions
  • Reduced brake wear / increased life
  • Reduced brake dust
  • Corrosion-free, no more rust!
  • Outstanding performance, even from cold


Unlike traditional chopped-fiber CCM discs, ST's next-generation continuous fiber construction of the CCST discs allows for refurbishing the discs up to 3 times when additional chopped-fiber CCM discs would need to be thrown away.

*Please note that street and track mileage will vary from vehicle to vehicle, driver to driver. Driving styles, pads used, and roads/tracks driven will affect the mileage level. 4,000 hard track miles is given as a guideline only.

ST advises customers to refurbish rotors when a vibration through the brake pedal is felt, and before rotors become noisy.

Cost: $600 per rotor plus shipping costs

Turnaround Time: 10 Business Days

Disc refurbishment starts with a full disassembly of the discs followed by a thorough inspection of all parts. The disassembled rotors and hats will then be refurbished and reassembled using completely new hardware.


  • OEM Replacement Size 410x36mm Front
  • OEM Replacement Size 390x32mm Rear
  • Upgrade Replacement Size 408x34 Front
  • Upgrade Replacement Size 380x30 Rear
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