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Verus Engineering

Verus Engineering Rear Wing Kit - Porsche 991 GT3RS GT2RS

Verus Engineering Rear Wing Kit - Porsche 991 GT3RS GT2RS

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Dramatically improve rear-end grip at speed with our 300mm chord, swan neck wing. The wing and full aero kit were designed in CFD to greatly improve the vehicle's performance on and off the track.

The wing is a large driving force behind the improvement in downforce, coupled with the front splitter it transforms the GT3RS into a track weapon.

The rear wing was designed, iterated, and tested in CFD and a wind tunnel. All component mounting was designed off OEM scans and requires no permanent modification to the rear hatch of the vehicle.

The uprights are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and were FEA analyzed to ensure strength was kept high while weight was minimized. 

Kit Includes:

  • Carbon Swan Neck Style Wing 300mm
  • Carbon Vented End Plates
  • Machined Swan Neck Uprights
  • Chassis Mount Brackets
  • Chassis Delrin Stops
  • Attachable Gurney Flap 
  • Fits 991.1 , 991.2 GT3RS and GT2RS models
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